a lazy Sunday afternoon

How was your Sunday afternoon? Mine was pretty cool. I spent the afternoon with my sewing machine listening to a podcast from the very inspiring Holly Becker about blogging. I did a Jewellery Roll I have been wanting to make for a long time – the result isn’t perfect and I’ll most certainly never sell it, but there you go – I really had fun making it!


Vous avez passé un bon dimanche après-midi? Le mien était excellent. J’ai renoué avec ma MAC en écoutant un podcast de l’excellente Holly Becker à propos de la blogosphère. J’ai réalisé une pochette à bijoux que je voulais faire depuis longtemps. Le résultat n’est pas parfait et ne fera sans doute jamais partie de ma collection Love On Delivery – mais j’ai passé un très bon moment!

Mister Cheddar had a pretty lazy afternoon too…

and we both wish you a beautiful week!


About madamelove

French blogger, living in Hamburg, Germany.
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4 Responses to a lazy Sunday afternoon

  1. Looks lovely – and a great way to spend a Sunday.

  2. Decofairy says:

    Οk! I’m in love with mr Cheddar!!! ❤

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